Commercial Intercom Installation

Chicago Anytime Locksmiths Intercom Installation

Intercoms are a revolutionized form of communication. Since the invention of the intercom in the 1960’s, it has become easier to deliver verbal messages to more than one person. Intercoms enable communication within homes and offices, as well as outdoors if needed. Intercom systems are a form of access control, therefore it guarantees peace of mind in knowing your property is secure.

There are different types of intercoms and here at Chicago Anytime Locksmiths we install any intercom. Some intercom systems are more complicated than others, that’s why you need a professional locksmith to install your intercom in Chicago. Most intercom systems are wireless, which means they don’t require a power outlet. Door phone intercoms and telephone intercoms have audio circuits that enable communication.

Door phone intercoms are commonly found outside of apartment and office buildings. These intercoms allow “talk back” communication between the apartment residents or authorized office personnel and their visitors. Similarly, video intercoms allow indoor and outdoor communication, with the additional feature of video surveillance of outside visitors. This device is a form of access control in that it gives you authority over who enters your residence or office. As a result, the safety of your home or business is ensured.

Telephone intercoms provide a more direct way of contacting someone. With just the press of a button, users can automatically speak to others on the intercom line. The different channels on the intercom permit private conversations between persons. Chicago Anytime Locksmiths does all types of intercom installation in Chicago for your home, building, business or office.