Automotive – Removal of broken keys

Working with a number of auto dealers in the area, Chicago Anytime Locksmiths can easily replace car keys under in a variety of conditions. In case of a damaged or lost key, having a new key made is as easy as contacting Chicago Anytime Locksmiths and waiting for them to send one of their many qualified, well-equipped locksmiths to craft a new key in record time. Chicago Anytime Locksmiths also provide new keys at much lower rates than dealerships in the area. You may at first think it is more expensive to get us to come to you, but it’s not. In fact you will save money twice by calling Chicago Anytime Locksmiths. You will not need to call a tow truck to pull your vehicle to the dealer or service station. You will save money on the key itself. If you go to the dealer they may well call us to do your key and then charge you a markup.

When a key is constantly being turned and pushed into and pulled out of keyholes (the way it is supposed to be used), it can become twisted and warped over time. This can result in it breaking or simply twisting in such a way as to get stuck in the keyhole itself. In situations like these, it is usually recommended that a car owner contact a professional to help remove the key. While it may be possible to simply repair a broken key or straighten a bent one after removing it from the keyhole it is stuck in, Chicago Anytime Locksmiths recommends having a brand new one made. Creating new keys for clients on the spot is one of the company’s specialties, and they will have a new key made quickly enough to have a client back on the road within an hour.