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Commercial Locksmith Professionals in Chicago  

A business possesses a large number of valuable and expensive assets inside its four walls. This is why it vital that there is a reliable defense system, and this defense system is only as good as its locks. Over time locks can become worn and requires maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

Chicago Anytime Locksmiths will perform a free assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses an offer professional tips on how to best use locks to make your business secure.

Re-Key Locks Vs. New Locks

Sometimes a lock does not need to be changed entirely out if it still functions well. A cost-effective solution may be rekeying. Rekeying is the process of replacing the tumblers or pins of the lock cylinder with new ones of different sizes. Rekeying is suggested as a precaution when initially moving into a new property, when an employee is terminated, or when a set of keys is lost.

New Locks & Other Door Hardware

To match your preference, we carry an array of locks and finishes for new lock installations, including deadbolts and doorknobs, along with additional hardware options. We choose to work only with trusted products to ensure your security and protection is at the highest standard.

Maintenance & Repair

Eventually, the everyday wear and tear of the doors and locks can cause components to become out of sync, causing the lock to malfunction. A door may need to be adjusted or hardware realigned from temperature changes or building settling. In any of these cases, you can trust Chicago Anytime Locksmiths to guide you through the process. We will always do our best to repair the lock, rather than replace it.

Key Duplication

For your convenience, we have the key-cutting technology that allows us to come to your location to perform a key duplication. Just give us a call, and we can send one of our trained technicians to you.

Key Extraction

If you are in the situation where your key has broken off in the lock, Chicago Anytime Locksmiths can come and assess the problem, remove the key, and bring the lock back to a working condition. This can happen for a few reasons. It may be a faulty lock that requires repair, a damaged key or just worn from everyday wear and tears.

High-Security Locks

We choose to distribute two of the best high-security lock manufacturers on the market! High-security locks are designed in a way that resists manipulation and forced entry for a substantial amount of time. Some common characteristics are pre-requisites for different security ratings.

Restrictive Keyways

The use of sophisticated  keyways make it harder to insert and maneuver tools within the lock which frustrate attackers attempting to manipulate the lock.

Key Control

A great way to increase the security of a keying system is the ability to control the creation, distribution, and cutting of keys. There is often key bow and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing. To have a locksmith duplicate the key, a security card is generally required to be presented. Not only this, but many also require a specialized key cutting machine.

Key Differs

To prevent cross keying, high-security locks offer a very high number of real theoretical key differs that allow for complex master keying configurations.

Manipulation Resistance

There are a few different components that have been designed for high-security locks to resist manipulation from lock picking and decoding attacks. The most popular being security pins. Some even have parts that withstand key bumping and impressions.   

Master Key Systems

Master key systems are common among businesses. They allow for one key (the master key) to having the ability to open all doors within the system, while another key (also known as a change key) is only able to access entry to a single, specific door within the system. For the master key holder, this is a much more convenient situation rather than having to possess keys for every single door in the establishment. This also allows designated entry to only specific personnel, helping to maintain maximum security. Master key systems are commonly found in business like hospitals, schools, storage facilities, and many more.

Door Services

There is a variation of door services that Chicago Anytime Locksmiths offers. These services include installation, repair, and maintenance. Using only the best quality products and brands, we customize each installation so that it meets your specific needs, budget, and style.

Door Closers

Chicago Anytime Locksmiths has the trained technicians needed to install, maintain, and repair overhead, surface-mounted, and jamb-mounted door closers. Whether the door is powered manually or automatically, we have the expertise to ensure that your entryways stay secure.

Door Adjustments

We offer door adjustment services that address all issues that can affect your doors, such as improper positioning, broken hinges, splinter or damaged wood, seasonal building settling, and other problems that may arise. These issues can cause doors to not open or close properly, swell in a way that damages the floor, make noises when in use, or stick. Any door adjustments you may require, Chicago Anytime Locksmiths has the trained technicians that can help!