Automotive Rekeying

Rekeying car door or ignition locks might seem very intimidating and especially with today’s complicated anti-theft device. For this reason, most car owners leave it to be done by locksmiths.  You will usually want to rekey the door locks because of a car break-in or theft. You might also wish to rekey the lock if you lose the keys or if you suspect another person has a copy of the key. 

How does car rekeying work?

The process of rekeying involves modifying the tumblers of your lock in order that your old keys won’t work on the locking mechanism anymore, or even in yet another situation it can change the lock to enable a single key to work inside several locks. Car door lock rekeying involves replacing the lock pins found in your current lock or changing the wafer or tumbler setting so that you are able to unlock the car with a new set of keys. Once you rekey your lock, the old keys will no longer function.